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Testimonials For Kiki Reader PA Services 


Kiki has been a godsend for this new author! She has helped me navigate the complex world of indie publishing, from providing help with setting up my website, sending ARCs, to managing my social media. I never would have started this journey without her knowledge and support. She has allowed me time to do what I have always dreamed of doing - writing! Her knowledge and experience has proven invaluable.

- Author Sammie Lyra

Kiki was amazing to work with. She went above and beyond to help me with graphics, social media, my book launches, ARC team, and so much more. She saved me so much of my personal time that I was able to get a lot more writing done instead of stressing over the little things. I highly recommend Kiki’s PA services.

- Author S. Lexi

We love Kiki! She’s one of the best PAs out there and has consistently assisted us in all our needs. I cannot recommend her enough.  

- Author Sean Moriatry & Author Izzy Sweet


As with most reviews, the question is, do I personally recommend Kiki Reader PA Services? The answer is yes. I can personally recommend Kristin. I've been very pleased with her work and skills. I needed someone that could hit the ground running without needing training, someone that could create graphics, someone that knew social media well, and someone that's professional and good with time management. Kristin checked the box on all of these things. She has made it so that I can focus more on writing and less on the business side of things. Just what I needed. If you're looking for a PA or PR services, definitely give her a shot. :) 

- USA Today and International Bestselling Romance Author Betty Shreffler & Betty Legend


Kristin at Kiki Reader PA Services is fabulous and professional to work with. She’s super organized and reliable. She’s handled several of my Royal Bastards MC: Charleston, WV series book releases by hosting the ARC and blogger signups. I’ve loved working with her.  

- Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author Glenna Maynard


Kristin is the best darn PA an author could ever ask for! She does it all—newsletter management, post creation and scheduling, and PR services as well. She’s organized, timely, and knowledgeable, and there for you when you need her most.

- Author Jordan Grant


Kiki Is absolutely fantastic. She is an amazing PA and I'm so thrilled to have her. She takes care of everything and makes sure everything I need to do is done and organized. I'm truly grateful for her and all that she does for me.

- USA Today Bestselling Author Khardine Gray & Faith Summers


She has been my LIFESAVER! Very organized, prompt, professional, and easy to work with. I’d be lost and struggling without her!

- USA Today Bestselling Author Kristine Allen


Kristin Youngblood is an awesome PA! She's organized, diligent, quick to respond, and always follows through. She's constantly coming up with new ways to market my brand and checks with me before posting something. She's honest and quite dedicated to her authors. I'm thrilled to have her at my side as I take this journey.

- Author Krys Fenner


Kiki has been going above and beyond to keep me organized over the holidays! Her graphic skills are awesome and she is always a step ahead of me.

- Author Deja Voss


KiKi is great to work with. She’s getting me organized and more focused. I especially appreciate her ‘surprising’ me with book graphics.

- International Bestselling Author M. Merin


Just wanted to stop by and brag about somebody. If you're in need of a Personal Assistant for a preorder or release blitz or blog tour, I can highly recommend Kristin Youngblood @kikireaderPA! I cannot say enough good things about all she has done for me as a brand new author to help me understand the insane world of marketing. She has been handling my first ever pre-order and release blitzes and she's been fabulous! She's been educating me, creating amazing content, sharing it everywhere, and just working her tail off to get my book out there and I couldn't be more thankful to have such a communicative and dedicated teammate as a part of helping my first book launch! It's already gotten several reviews and preorders in large part thanks to her efforts and still has two weeks to go until release! I will be using her services again but you are definitely welcome to hire her! Thank you for all you do Kristin! Please don't ever retire your services!

- Author Arianna J. Dayne


Kristin is fantastic. She keeps me in line and gets me takeovers and organizes my life. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance.

- Author Callie Vegas 


Kristin is wonderful to work with. I started out small with some release blitzes and ended up hiring her as a part time PA. Her prices are reasonable and she is flexible to meet your needs. She often goes above and beyond what you ask of her. She helps push me to do things that she knows works. Totally recommend her!

- Author CJ Allison


Kristin is an amazing PA. She follows through, is organized, and is diligent in her work. As an assistant she has traveled with me, helped me at events, beta reads for me, and searches different angles on how to market me. I'm truly happy with her as a PA, and as a person she is sincere, genuine, and dedicated. She comes highly recommended.

- International Bestselling Romance Author Crimson Syn



Kristin is a fabulous PA! She’s always willing to do whatever I need to help promote my books and author business. She has done so much for me in the five months she’s been my PA from creating google forms for my giveaways to creating teasers for my books. She’s always on top of it! She’s great about sharing my books and sending blitz releases even when I send her books at the last minute

- Author Elisa Leigh



She goes above & beyond, is available basically 24/7, via messenger, text, you name it! She gives feedback & suggestions, is on top of everything, does more than what’s asked. I could keep going but the gist is she’s amazing!!!

- Author DC Renee


Kristin is amazeballs! She is the hardest working PA I know and I wouldn't be able to get through a day without her. Her work ethic is hard core, as is her love for this close knit community of authors.

- International Bestselling Author KL Ramsey


Kristin is amazing! Her attention to detail, ideas, and honestly, all her services are unmatched and her price cannot be beat! Give Kiki Reader PA Services a shot. You will NOT be disappointed!

- Author B.C. Morin


Kristin is just amazing! I love her videos and enthusiasm! I am so very thankful for her services.

- Author Ellie Rice


I was fortunate to meet Kristin at the MMM18 Event in Cincinnati, and was very impressed by her charismatic personality!  She's always been responsive when I reach out to her and her prices are very affordable!  If you're in need of PA Services for book releases, promotions, cover reveals, or help managing other things that indie authors get inundated with, then Kristin can help you be successful!

- International Bestselling Author Linny Lawless

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