PA Services

PA/VA Services

I offer the full range of services that Authors need help with. Here are some of the things that I can do for you.



- Assist with Facebook posting (on your page & other groups)

- Run your Facebook Group

- Run your Facebook Page including posting your books weekly & other posts daily or weekly

- Arrange & Assist with Takeovers, Author Spotlights, etc.

- Run Contests/Giveaways, close giveaways & send out books & ebooks to the winners

- Help set up Cover Reveals, Book Tours, Release Packages & send to bloggers

- Manage ARC sending

- Help Host Release Day Parties

- Make Banners, Teasers, and Other Graphics

- Make Videos

- Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

- Send & reply to emails

- Contacting Blogs to get blogs interested in your books

- Beta Read & Proofread

- Manage / Run Bookfunnel & Booksprout 

- Organize Books2Read & Make specific links

- Organize Google Drive & Dropbox

- Create Teasers, Takeover Graphics, and Interactive/Games for Facebook pages & groups. 

- Set up & Organize Books+Main/Verve


I offer Part Time & Full Time PA Services 

Don't see what you are needing help with on the list. Feel free to contact me for more information & to discuss your individual needs. Affordable Prices



My background / experience:

* I was a Special Education Teacher for all most 20 years. I am very organized and flexible. I am able to multitask and work independently.

* Able to set up and run a page & group

* Able to set up, run & maintain a website

* Proficient using PicMonkey

* Subscribe to PicMonkey & Shutterstock among others

* Proficient with setting up & maintaining 2 different Pinterest profiles with multiple boards on each.

* Maintain accounts on multiple Social Media Platforms - Facebook, Blogger, GoodReads, Pinterest,  Instagram, MeWe, Twitter, Book& Main, Bookbub & Amazon.

* Make graphics, teasers, banners, etc

* Able to make forms (for contest winners, interest forms, signs up, etc)

* Proficient using Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Excel, Presentation, etc

* Able to create a newsletter and send it out monthly

* Able to manage Audible/Audiobook ARC Teams & send out promo codes

* Able to organize and run an Author Spotlight & Takeover with everything that it encompasses. Preparing/making numerous posts, banners, games, graphics to go with the event. Inviting & getting the word out about the event.

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