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Open Events

Open Events

Bloggers, Bookstagrammers, and readers sign up to participate in promotional events for our favorite authors.


Vicious Vows by Rae B. Lake

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Crime Romance

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz with Review Option - March 12 - 16, 2024

Blurb - 

I'm a fool.
I see the best in everyone, no matter how much they've hurt me in the past. I trust when no trust has be earned.
My twin sister should be at the top of that list but she played me like an idiot.
How was I to know the blind date I went on in her place was actually her wedding day?
Dominic Lochlay isn't the type of man to listen to reason or excuses.
He takes what he wants.
Completely. Brutally. Viciously.
My purity was ripped from me and now I'm stuck married to a dangerous crime boss.
He takes his vows seriously. I'm his...until death do us part.

Copy of The_Billionaires_Jewel_Final (2).jpg

The Billionaire's Jewel by Sammie Lyra

Genre: Billionaire Romance/Contemporary Romance/Age Gap/Small Town

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz with Review Option - Feb. 27 - Mar. 2, 2024

Blurb - 

The carefree billionaire. The small-town bartender. 




Lila is trying to keep her family's bar afloat. She’s put her life on hold, choosing responsibility over freedom and love, but when the fun-loving Ash Montgomery storms into her world, she finds his easygoing charm hard to resist.


Ash holds the key to her heart. Secretly, he’s also the solution to her financial woes.




Ash has it all - looks, wealth, an infatuation with the town’s young bartender, Lila Tremaine. A glimpse of the curvy beauty and the billionaire bachelor knows he has to have her. 


Drawn to Lila and determined to make her his own, he resolves to ease her all of her burdens. Ash knows if Lila discovers he’s behind her turn of fortune, it could ruin everything, but it’s a risk he’s willing to take. 

371279462_1015975089515612_6125831513040958562_n (1) (2).png

Silver's Bullet by M. Merin

Genre: MC Romance/ Romantic Suspense

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz - March 9 - 13, 2024

Blurb - 

As a Nomad with the Northern Grizzlies MC in Idaho, Silver's spent a decade trying to find the brother he was torn away from as a child. A chance encounter sends him riding to North Carolina and for better or worse, changes the course of his life.


Please note the timeline in this book. Royce, book 8, takes place in 2019 while this one covers 2023-24.


Crazy Psycho by Kristine Dugger

Genre: MC Romance/ Romantic Suspense

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz with Review Option - April 2 - 6 , 2024

Blurb - 



After losing both my parents and being a single parent to my little brother, my motto is live life to the fullest. What I didn’t expect was that motto to come back to bite me in the ass. Now I have to decide whether to fight for my happiness or to run to keep my brother safe. 




They call me a hot head. I call myself a fighter. My club is my family. I don’t do relationships or commitment. It only takes one woman to knock me on my ass and question myself. But things aren’t as they seem and being happy may be out of the question.

75196374_2437887419643131_8633051274763304960_n_1 (1) copy (1).png
75196374_2437887419643131_8633051274763304960_n_1 (1) copy (1).png
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