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Open Events

Open Events

Bloggers, Bookstagrammers, and readers sign up to participate in promotional events for our favorite authors.

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Ethan's Sky by J.L. Quincy

Genre: MC Romance/ Romantic Suspense

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Preorder Blast - May 20 - 21, 2024

Release Blitz with Review Option - June 13 - 17, 2024

Blurb - 


My best friend died, leaving me to guard her secrets.

I never thought her secrets would become my nightmare.

I did what I had to do to survive, I ran.

Leaving everyone I love behind, including him. 

I carried a piece of him with me, until it was taken away from me too.

Broken, angry, and tired of running, I fought.

For my life, the parts of myself I thought were lost, and for him. 

He hates me, thinks I betrayed his family.

He’s the only thing I could never let go, no matter how many times I tried.

Would he love me again if he knew my secrets? If he knew why I had to run?

When my past comes back to haunt me, will he protect me,

or throw me to the Devil himself?


She knows what happened to my sister.

She could’ve put the man responsible behind bars,

But instead, he got off free and clear, and she ran away.

She was supposed to be my forever.

Six years have passed and now she’s back in town ready to restart her life. 

I want her gone.

Until a trouble comes looking for her.

She’s been keeping secrets, protecting those whose job it is to protect her.

I’ll fight her demons, then I’m going to make up for lost time. 

And she’s never getting away from me again.


Heads or Tails by Kristine Allen

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Romance

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Preorder Blitz - May 27 - 28, 2024

Release Blitz with Review Options - June 30 - July 4, 2024

Blurb - 

What do you get when you cross a secret society with demons?


You get The Archontes….


From the slightly twisted mind of USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kristine Allen, comes a new series of dark obsession and wicked delights. Heads or Tails is the first book in the series.


♥️⚜️blurb coming soon!⚜️♥️

Lynch's Match.jpg

Lynch's Match by E.C. Land

Genre: MC Romance/ Romantic Suspense

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz with Review Option - June 18 - 22, 2024

Blurb - 

Once burned the pain is all that’s left.


The past is finally come to the present and nothing else can stop the anger building inside me. She was supposed to be my match. The one person who was always mine and mine alone, but that was a lie.


Now she’s back in town and I didn’t even know it until it was too late. She’s going to get herself killed if I don’t do something about it first.


With the past always comes the demons and they seem to have targeted her. This is something I won’t allow. To protect her, I’ll keep her close. Make sure nothing happens to her. Keep the monsters away from her.


However, I have to do this, it won’t be easy. She’s still my match. The one woman meant for me, but that doesn’t mean I have anything to offer her. Nothing more than my protection.


Brush of Embers by Kira Nyte

Genre: Shifter Romance/Fantasy Romance

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz with Review Options - June 25 - 29, 2024

Blurb - 

Love. Loyalty. Betrayal. Secrets.


Join Emery LaRouche and Seraphina Allaze in the next Firestorm Dragon adventure, coming soon!

Toxic Biker Ebook.jpg

Toxic Biker by Sapphire Knight

Genre: MC Romance/ Romantic Suspense

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Preorder Blitz - August 20 - 21, 2024

Release Blitz with Review Option - Sept 17 - 21, 2024

Blurb - 

You've met Ripper.

You've met Blow.

Who should be next?

The 3rd installment in the RBMC TX is coming this fall! Stay tuned for the blurb.

blade ebook updated (1).jpg

Blade by Kristine Allen

Genre: MC Romance/ Romantic Suspense

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Preorder Blitz - Sept. 9 - 10, 2024

Release Blitz with Review Option - Oct 8 - 12, 2024

Blurb - 

Coming Soon

big timber ebook.jpg

Big Timber by M. Merin

Genre: MC Romance/ Romantic Suspense

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Preorder Blitz - Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2024

Release Blitz - Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2024

Blurb - 

Big Timber hasn't been part of the RBMC Flagstaff Chapter very long, but from the day he wakes up to find a blazing body hanging across the road from the clubhouse, all signs point to a war. It's time to put down his ink gun and dig into the tools that he hoped never to need again.


When unexpected help comes from outside the MC, he and his brothers have to take a moment to decide on their future with ramifications that will affect everyone affiliated with them.  

Vendetti Soldier.jpg

The Vendetti Soldier by Sapphire Knight

Genre: Mafia Romance/ Romantic Suspense

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz - Dec 13 - 17, 2024

Blurb - 

In a life surrounded by enemies, famiglia is everything. I’d do anything for mine, which makes me the perfect soldier in our underground world. The Empire was built on blood and strength, and the Vendetti name reigns supreme.

However, the hits from the Irish keep coming and our capo is forced to make some tough decisions. One of us is to be the next sacrifice, an honor bestowed to make the famiglia stronger. So why does my chest hurt so badly at the thought of it being me?

I knew I would have to pay the price and do my duty eventually, but one look at her beauty and my heart sinks. She’s not the one for me, and I know I’m not ready to lose my freedom. When she’s given to my brother, my world tilts for another reason. He’s my best friend, my freedom, and through him, we share everything.


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