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Open Events

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Storm of Flames by Kira Nyte

Storm of Flames (The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 3) by Kira Nyte
Genre: Fantasy Romance/Shifter Romance/PNR

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz with Review Option May 5 - 10, 2020


Skylar Donovan was raised to trust no one but herself and her parents. Moreover, her father gave her all the tools she’d need to survive, both in practical terms and as a martial arts instructor in his respected studio. What he didn’t teach her was how to go on when his murder broke her mother’s mind, leaving Sky alone for the first time in her life. 

Royal Bastards MC Series

Royal Bastards MC Series
Genre: MC Romance/Romantic Suspense

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz: January 7 - June 30, 2020

Welcome to Royal Bastards MC where loyalty is king.
28 of your favorite authors have come together to bring you a brand-new series.
26 stories.
One hell of a ride.

The Heavy Crown by Linny Lawless

“The Heavy Crown”
(Royal Bastards MC – Washington, DC Chapter) by Linny Lawless

Genre: MC Romance

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz with Review Option - May 19 - 23, 2020

Heavy, the President of the Washington DC chapter of the Royal Bastards MC reigns as the King in a dirty city of porn, money and blood.

Heavy saved my life seven years ago and told me to never return.  He was my shield, my rock, with dark grey eyes that burned through me. Now I’ve walked right back in to Heavy’s world to see the hatred and rage in his eyes. But he cannot hide the sensual hunger and feral desire to own my heart, dominate my body and possess my soul – a silent promise I’ll belong to him no matter the cost and no one will get in his way.

Voodoo by Kristine Allen

Voodoo (Royal Bastards MC Ankeny, IA) by Kristine Allen

Genre: MC Romance

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz with Review Option - June 9 - 13, 2020

I’m Ogun “Voodoo” Dupré—SAA for the Ankeny RBMC. There’s no pretty way to put it: I do the dirty work for my club. Without question, I follow the direct orders of my president.

Except, when my services were required for a particularly delicate situation, I found myself hesitating for the first time in my adult life. That hesitation was my downfall.

With the Bratva gunning for me and my own father out for my blood, I didn’t think I’d survive. Yet, come hell or high water, I’d keep her safe—because she was meant to be mine.

The rumors about my chapter are true, yet things aren’t always what they seem. We don’t play fair, and we don’t leave witnesses.

Sometimes you gotta work a little black magic to come out alive.

Driller by Deja Voss

Driller (Deadringers MC Book 1) by Deja Voss

Genre: MC Romance 

☆☆ Events ☆☆

Release Blitz with Review Option - April 27 - May 3, 2020

A jilted tattoo artist...

a biker struggling between keeping family secrets or keeping his MC safe...

One tragic night changes the course of their lives forever.

Sparks are going to fly April 2020.

Rev'd by CJ Allison

Rev'd (The Lion's Den MC Book One) by C.J. Allison 

Genre: MC Romance/BDSM

☆☆ Events ☆☆
Release Blitz with Review Option May 13 - 17, 2020



Raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish background, I defied my family by joining the military instead of attending Rabbinical School. Further, I joined an MC upon my return and raised the ranks to become the President. We are one-percenters that tip toe the line of legal.


I rule my club with an iron fist. Behind closed doors, I need to be controlled. Will Gabriella be the one to end my search? Will she be able to ignore the unethical things my club does and still control me the way I need?

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